NOTE: The in-browser version has some bugs for now. Please, try Windows, Linux or Android version instead.


Touch or click the musicians to make them play their musical instruments.

Escape or back button if you want to quit.

 I wish you a merry Christmas!

Install instructions

For smartphone users: If you are an Android user, you can either download compressed file (MerryChristmasAPK.rar) or the raw file (MerryChristmasAndroid.apk). 

Installing MerryChristmasAndroid.apk

  1. Download the file MerryChristmasAndroid.apk .
  2. Find its path. It should be in "Downloads" folder.
  3. Press MerryChristmasAndroid.apk. In order to install it, Android can ask you to enable "Unknown sources". This happens because this game is not currently available in Google Play Store.


MerryChristmasWindows.rar 135 MB
MerryChristmasLinux.rar 127 MB
MerryChristmasAndroid.apk 266 MB
MerryChristmasAPK.rar 108 MB